Sleeper Vibes: Summer Walker

(*sighs*) Honestly, I am tired of stumbling upon good music while randomly scrolling on YouTube. It makes me feel like I am incompetent of securing hidden gems. Anyway, I recently discovered a young lady with a beautiful voice who goes by the name of Summer Walker. The very first song I heard was Girls Need Love. Although not common, this song made me want to dig deeper - and I was NOT disappointed.

Sailing over to her Soundcloud turned out for the best! Summer Walker is another perfect example of an artist that can create sounds of the new wave, while contributing to the authentic sounds of R&B (I sound like a broken record but, not every artist can do both.) She gives all the feels that you can vibe to in a matter of seconds.

In short, if you haven't checked her out yet, you're definitely missing out on sweet sounds. Ladies and gentlemen, we have yet another diamond in not only the R&B world, but in music overall.

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