Pass That Wiz Khalifa, Roll Up A Juicy J: Jon 0h! Creates Anthem For Stoners

Jon 0h’s “Lil Higher” is truly a trip, on various levels one wouldn’t first expect. Firstly, it’s a trip to downtown NYC, led by Jon’s apparent love of marijuana and intense drive for spirituality. Secondly, it’s a trip guided by a slow, but heavy trap beat, complimented by Jon’s simplistic but sweet lyrical flow.  The chill, psychedelic vibe relayed by the track is intense, empowered by the lowkey jazz undertones and serves as a perfect contrast to the heavy trap nature of the song. Jon 0h shows heavy potential, not only with tracks like “Lil higher”, where he shows off his lyrical genius by referencing weed culture in mainstream rap with lines like “Pass that Wiz Khalifa, I’m bout to roll up a Juicy J.”, but with his entire brand. On his website,, fans can experience his widened experience of media and pop culture, be it video games or VMA reviews. An artist attempting to gather fans from all sectors of current trends is rarely seen in this day and age, and I am truly excited to see where Jon goes from here.

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