Meet Chicago's Very Own Hunnid & His Latest Track "Buss That"

His flair for free styling no uncertainty had a considerable measure to do with his common capability to compose lyrical verses after verses, which once even prompted a piece being distributed while he was just 10 years of age. Hunnid took in the vibe of having a strong hard working attitude ever since he was still young, by perceiving how hard his mom attempted to raise him. His grandma introduced him to the world of music as an art. It bodes well that those deep established qualities and encounters are the ones that helped shape the impressive nearness that Hunnid exuberates on stage or in the booth every time he is performing, and in addition his hard set out toward business. Hunnid pledges to stay autonomous. He favors the 'do-it-without anyone's help' approach, blending and acing all the music himself, running his own particular promoting efforts, and doing his own particular accounts and appointments. He expressed that he would rather be 100% in charge of any triumphs or disappointments, than let his destiny be in another person's hands. This has worked out well for Hunnid up until this point. His small time technique has won him grants and earned him different selections, also a string of different accomplishments.

His latest single, "Buss That" is an ode and tribute to Afro-Caribbean music with the central lyrics focusing on his lifestyle. The artist took a different approach to his music that can only expand his musical abilities. On this track, we get to see a softer and more festive side of Hunnid. Used to his gangsta lyrics and real life emotions, Hunnid takes us on a trip away from the troubles. "Buss That" is surely a bbq favorite joint paired with dope friends and a few girls by your side on a sunny weekend.




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