Drok Artist To Watch: Issue 01 New Album, Career, Fashion & More.

Artist Drok is a Rapper from New Jersey, who has definitely cultivated his own unique sound when it comes to music. Not only is his music unique, but his fashion sense is pretty stellar. With a few different sounds and a lot of fashionable looks, you never know what you might get from this artist, but its sure to draw your attention every-time. Recently Drok released his project "Its Not That Deep" an album constructed of 7 songs, we had time to ask Drok about his new music, career fashion and more.

Here's what Drok had to say:

You just released your album "Its Not That Deep" how many months did it take you to work on the project?

Drok: "we were in album mode for like 4 to 5 months, probably a little before july. After Trendsetta Tre dropped his project I got in the mindset that I needed my own project, so that's when I started really making songs with the intent of putting together a body of work. I would say around late August we kinda scrapped everything and started over because I didn't like where we were at."

How long have you been doing music and who or what influenced you to get started?

Drok: "I've been doing music my whole life, but didn't really take it serious like I should until a year ago. Music has always been my outlet to express myself and be me. The first time I recorded a song was the result of extreme boredom, but I loved it instantly."

Who are some artist and producers you look forward to working with in the future?

Drok: "There's such a long list, so many talented people I want to get in the lab with. Off the top of my head I would say Smino, Anderson Paak and Key! Are definitely some people I would want to make some crazy records with. I like working outside of my realm because it inspires new sounds. Producer wise, I'm dying for a Kenny Beats track and a Mike Dean track. I'm really down to work with anyone, but i'm not super pressed. Me and Trendsetta Tre have our own thing going so i'm not thinking too much about that. I'm happy with the sound we are pioneering."

What inspires you to make the sound of music you make?

Drok: "The things I do, the people I talk to and the things I see everyday all dictate my sound. It's really just being myself and whatever comes out, comes out. I don't go in trying to make a sound. When you are being yourself it's not that complicated, I don't even think about it honestly."

Who are some of your biggest fashion influences?

Drok: "I get inspiration from a lot different places when it comes to the way I dress. I have different moods that I look to different people for and different styles. The first person I would say I started getting ideas from was the Fresh Prince, but now I fuck with Don C, Pharrell, Jerry Lorenzo and no lie there's a lot of girls I get ideas from like Aleali May and just other dope females I see on the gram. In my opinion girls dress better but that's just me."

What's the next step for your career?

Drok: "Next step for me is to take what we've done and spread it across the world. I've been slacking with performing so I plan on traveling the country to do way more live shows. Maybe its time for a mini tour."

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