Jahdell Drops Off "No Sense" Visuals

Jahdell first gained attention in the New York, music scene with his tracks "Lost It" and "Hittas". Now the Queens bred rapper and songwriter is here to drop off his brand new visuals to his debut single "No Sense". Jahdell like many grew up in a tough environment leaving him with two options, death or jail. Growing up Jahdell loved music as a child, so he decided to pursue it full time to be an inspiration to others around him as a way of escape.

Jahdell: "I was introduced to a kid named "Warriorsthrone" who was a freshman in high school. The kid had raw talent but because he was so young, he was overlooked by many until meeting me. I decided to take a chance and work with him and our first record "No Sense."

The song "No Sense" reflects Jahdell and a former lady of interest who played him for someone else, while Jahdell was on the come up. Later on Jahdell gets more money and his pasts comes back to rekindle old flames but he refuses to be played.

Check out the al new visuals here:

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