Money Malow “Changing The Paint”

Money Malow is a Brooklyn New York native who just released the visuals to his latest single “Changing The Paint.” While most assume the song is about changing the exterior paint on his car, the music comes with a deeper meaning, translating to Malow reflecting on his life and making changes to himself for a better outcome.

“I was caught up in the street life as early as the 5th grade and as I got older, things began to catch up with me. I did what I had to do to make money and provide for my family but I also wanted more out of life. After high school and attending a junior college, I was accepted into Delaware State University. Due to my choices, I ended up not finishing school because of a shooting incident where multiple people were shot, including myself. After that, I just knew I had to make some serious changes and music was my scapegoat.”

Right now Malow is preparing for his mixtape which will release later this year. Until then stay tuned for more new music and visuals with this Brooklyn native.

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