Saweetie x Hip Hop Basement at Black Solidarity Conference

On April 28th of 2018, Hip Hop Basement conducted an interview with the one and only Saweetie via telephone. Fast forward less than a year later on February 8th of 2019, the Ice Queen graced us with her presence in person after an amazing performance at Yale University for the Black Solidarity Conference. Saweetie sat down with me (Zur Zur) in a follow up interview from our first interview to now.

Saweetie killed the stage in style as she was accompanied by her immensely talented Icy Grl dancers. The atmosphere at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT was utterly captivating as the crowd rapped Icy Grl word for word with no music.

Saweetie told me how her love and hunger for her music grows with every passing second. “Like right now, my music is like my husband...I’m married to this thang girl!”

When asked how she feels about working alongside of great Hip Hop moguls like Timbaland in creating her 2nd EP “ICY” , Saweetie responded, “I am so

excited about my EP coming out. And yes to work with these people that were moguls to me when I was younger now is just amazing like I have no words.”

I asked Saweetie how hard it is to live in the limelight everyday and still maintain a balance of having a personal life, relationships and down time. Her response was sincere:“It can be overwhelming and I’m a very personal person so it… it gives me anxiety sometimes but I know this is what comes with the territory as a successful artist. But I try my hardest to get rest and relaxation to collect myself and my thoughts. I try to be as positive as I can, but in all honesty, it can be a lot sometimes”

We all know that she works hard for her riches as the Ice Queen and the entire Hip Hop Basement team wishes Saweetie nothing but success as she continues to pave a way for herself in the music industry. She can’t stop and won’t stop so her haters will forever remain PISSED.

Stay on the lookout for Saweetie’s EP “ICY” that is coming soon! Make sure to give her single ‘PISSED” a listen on Spotify, Itunes and various other streaming sites.

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All Photos by Sydney Holmes


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