Jjuan Releases His EP "GUAPSZN"

I've been following Jjuan pronounced (Jay-Juan) for a while now and his music has definitely seen some major success despite the fact that he's an upcoming artist. Jjuan's music has been featured in Issa Rae's hit television show "Insecure" and he was also featured and stamped by one of the industry's biggest media moguls Karen Civil. Jjuan has a very unique approach to his music and many have connected with that sound, instantly falling in love with it. A contemporary mix between R&B and Hip-Hop Jjuan embodies the lane he is creating for himself.

"GuapSzn" is every season. The project represents the definition of "hard work pays off" and the results of artist dedication. Jjuan teams up with rapper "Guapdad4000" and FBG's "Guap Tarantino" to bring forth this dynamic EP. Other features include artist like "Lomaxg5" and "Robe". The project opens up with "Trust Me" a ode to balancing your relationship while still grinding in the streets. Personally the whole EP is very solid material, but my favorite song off the project would have to be "Down For It" starting the song off with "You ain't never had to go through that, you ain't never had to feel my pain, you ain't step foot in that trap how the hell you think you relate? You ain't had to get down for it." The EP was produced by "FEEZ" who played a major role during the process and completion of the EP! Lookout for a write up on "FEEZ" coming soon on our "Producers" tab.

PS: I think Jjuan has one of the hardest album covers i've seen in a while...

Stream "GUAPSZN" here:

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