Artist Discovery "E$P Nique"

It's been a minute since i've found an artist that I felt has a great vibe with the music, but during the late hours of last night I came across a couple of dope rappers who re-inspired me to get back to the writing. Artist E$P Nique is one of them and he is currently on a slick come up after dropping his latest project "Aquarian." The 15 song album features samples from some of the past's greatest hits. Hailing out of the far side of the peach state (Georgia) , E$P Nique has been gaining momentum and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Some of the records I personally connected with the most from this project was "No Pressure, Soul Cry and Permanent Change." Throughout the album E$P Nique touches on his real life, his son, he reflects on past incidents, while optimistically looking forward to the future. Most are not hip to this gem in the sand so if you're looking for an artist to get on before they blow up this is definitely one.

Check out E$P Nique's album Aquarian here:

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