Ray Moon Releases "Shy" Visuals

I came across Ray Moon the artist about six months ago when she dropped her single I'm Sorry, since i've been keeping up with the music and now the singer has released her visuals to single "Shy". The video starts off with Ray inside of a Bowling alley where she spots a guy who's being picked on by colleagues. Shortly after a beautiful girl walks in and walks right up to the guy who was once being ridiculed, "there's a lane open would you like to bowl?" Ray instantly pushes him up to do so. Essentially the song is about one being shy and scared to open up and be receptive to love, because of others actions causing them to be more withdrawn. Throughout the jam you can hear Ray Moon reassuring the lover there's no reason to be shy, I know others have broken your trust but i'm not like the others. Ray Moon has a very smooth and caressing vibe to the ear. Her latest single "Shy" is definitely a vibe and a great song for the summer. The visuals were directed by another talented artist by the name of Chris Scholar who is not only a music artist himself, but an amazing visual director and camera man.

Check out the awesome cinematography styled video here:

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