Vory "Say" EP Out Now

Lately it's been hard for me to find quality artist with quality music, but at midnight I came across an extraordinary writer and artist by the name of Vory. Come to find out its an artist I follow on Instagram, though I've never listened to any of his material. While putting together my 16th edition of R&Blunts, I was plundering through apple music when I ran across the song ”Stay”. After about 17 seconds of play time you begin to hear the melodies that instantly takes you under. The song starts off with:

”Said you gon' hit me after the club Baby, lie again (Why you lie?) Tryna kill my vibe, baby, try again (Keep on trying) I drunk text Angelica from A of D Pouring out my heart and insecurities All this security, ain't no securing me Yeah, and whatchu wanna be? Said we can make it happen, girl, you fuckin' with a baller I promise I won't be the guy to fuck and never call ya” Vory just released his latest EP entitled ”Say” which is full of good quality. The EP consists of 6 tracks and one feature from rapper Smokepurpp. After taking a listen to the EP, I can honestly say Vory has definitely gained a fan in me. The project reflects a lot on emotions surrounding his relationship and he dives deep into his feelings to paint a picture in the music. Vory has a solid follow base of 60k on Instagram and continues to grow as his music spreads. Stream Vory’s latest EP ”Say” here:

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