Rapper "Lil 2Z" Is Gaining A lot Of Clout & Momentum

Everyday there is new artist popping up everywhere, but not all of them are getting the ball rolling without the labels as good as some others. Marquiz AZ or "Lil 2z", has been gaining a lot of clout and momentum through social media and his style and flow is working in his favor. Sitting at a solid 80k on Instagram, his latest video "Killmonger" directed by "Halfpintfilmz" a popular video director and videographer for established and upcoming artist, has racked up a total of 443,485 views. The video was dropped on April 23rd, making today a full week since its release and he's already been able to garner almost half a million views independently. The young artist from Dallas Texas, is definitely making a mark on the industry and with Dallas Texas becoming more and more of a music staple in today's time, i'm sure we will be seeing more artist rushing out of the Texas music scene. Lil 2z recently released his new project "The Jungle" which is out now out on all major streaming platforms. Make sure you follow "Lil 2z" on instagram and keep up with him @Marquis_AZ.

Until then check out Lil 2z's new video "Killmonger" here:

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