Stream Trendsetta's Latest Single "Attention"

Trendsetta is taking over the Atlanta’s Metropolitan area with his charismatic hussle and unique style. Trendsetta is an artist I’ve been watching for a minute and his recent track “Attention” was definitely newsworthy. Good at building his fan base and making his own moves independently, Trendsetta has been able to get the ball rolling without any help from major labels. “Attention” his latest single is an absolute must for your hip-hop playlist. In the song you can hear Trendsetta talking about others infatuated with impressing the masses through social media, while he stays true to himself and would rather be respected than popular. To get more connected with Trendsetta you can follow him on instagram:

Lyrics: “Time to get back in the booth, I’m tryna stack up my loot, Niggas been jackin my moves, Niggas be runnin they mouth, I’m in the cut with your boo, She wanna lay on the kid, Then hang with the crew, Girl What you think I’m a fool, Tryna keep focused and stay in my lane, When you get money they swear you done changed, I had some homies that turned they back on me, Seen they true colors I look at them strange” Stream his latest single “Attention” here:

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