D Savage A Producer, Songwriter and Rapper?

D Savage is a Los Angeles, artist who has more talent then just rapping, he also produces and song-writes. His new single "Racks On Me" shows his melodic side of the music. D Savage explains his "Racks On Me" track is a summertime vibe with an upbeat melody. It's overall feel good record."

D Savage is an artist with many different styles and his approach to his music is to create diverse sounds. His story shows his versatility by starting out as a self taught producer at the age of just 14. Not only does D. Savage rap but he completely freestyles some of his music including his latest hit "Racks On Me." D's highly anticipated project "Trust No. 1" drops July 26th.

Here's what he had to say about his upcoming project: "I didn't want too many features on this project because I wanted listeners to focus on me and hear me. I don't want to be known as the kid who's featured on so and so record. I'm standing on my own."

Stream "Racks On Me": Here

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