Jahdell "Like Jordan"

Rising Queens rap talent Jahdell has released a new single entitled "Like Jordan," which reflects heavily on the popular mantra "started from the bottom now we're here". "Like Jordan" is a record many can relate to, Jahdell speaks out on his struggles while growing up, from not being able to eat, to stealing just to put food on his stomach. Jahdell has made so many sacrifices to be where he is today. Now the Queens bred rapper has risen above his circumstances and is on the path to stardom. Jahdell has became somewhat of a hero for his neighborhood and the people around him. Through the songs title it pay's homage to one of basketballs greatest legends "Michael Jordan", Jahdell's character and determination to never quit is why he believe's this song and his outlook is "Like jordan".

Stream the new single and video here:

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