Lil Karma "iPhone X"

Rap Rockstars is the new go to for today's trendy music and as it continues to change we see more cross genres then ever before. That's just what "Lil Karma" stands for a diversity and mix between genres. The Rapping Rockstar from Jersey presents his new single "iPhone X" a bass heavy record that you'll be sure to bop too. Lil Karma also use some smart marketing techniques when you think about the name of the single, iPhones are a dominating brand in the cellular phone industry, so naming the song after one of the worlds most sought out devices was genius.

Here's a little of what Karma had to say about the song:

"iPhone X was made off of a vibe late night in the studio. I wanted to express to my listeners it's okay to have fun, be lit and overall happy enjoying life without being so serious all the time. I want to see people have a lot of fun with this song. GET WILD! but please be safe "lol". I enjoy the reaction from young kids on this song because it gives them a place to go when they feel alone and listen to my music. They relate to me and I get them in a happy space." - Lil Karma

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