Stream Zae France Project “Rhythm & Backwoods”

Zae France initially caught my attention with his project titled “Rhythm n Backwoods,” but more then just the title ended up being interesting. The Airy North Carolina native, paints a picture throughout the project touching on his thoughts about fame, going through changes, love & more. France grew up in a one parent home where he was raised by his mother. He explained growing up in church and gave a lot of credit to his mom and the the choir she was in for teaching him how to sing. At the age of 15 Zae had moved to Connecticut and began taking music more seriously, that's when he developed a deeper devotion to his craft. Some of the artist that he draws inspiration from incldue Al Greene, Usher, Tank and Eric Bellinger. With the release of his debut project Rhythm n Backwoods, France only worked with upcoming artists from his city.

“I wrote the majority of all my records. It’s a new sound but an old school vibe at the same time.” - Zae on his debut project's sound Zae France believes in being yourself at all times. Hence why he uses the hashtag#thisvibeaintforeverybody.

“Everyone isn’t going to like you or what you have to bring to to the table and that’s fine. Just surround yourself with solid people who accept you for who you are and you will

Stream Rhythm & Backwoods below:

succeed always.” - Zae on being yourself

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