Hidden Gems: ChellyTheMC, The D.C. Firecracker

With bright red hair, model type appearance, a vibrant personality, radio host voice and a beautiful soul, ChellyTheMC has made waves in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) region. However, in the overall music industry, she is one of the hidden gems just waiting to be discovered by the world. Known in the DMV for her popular YouTube channel, massive social media following which spans over 100k on all platforms, hit singles like “Northeast Baby and Just Like Me,” and her signature red hair, Chelly has been a stalwart in the DMV region for a couple of years.

Soon, the world will know about Chelly. With flow reminiscent of Queen Latifah and Trina, performance energy which ignites audiences of all background to vibe with her, and lyrical ability which stems from her early childhood love of poetry, ChellyTheMC is a complete emcee. "Poetry, always been a safe spot for me to express my creativity. Along with YouTube, I found peace in it," Chelly Said. She continued with "when I expanded my poetry to music, something just clicked. I developed a love for making music. Being told from people 'your music makes me feel better,' warms my heart."

More Than Music, ChellyTheMC Is A Amazing Person

Her love for music is quite apparent. However, she is more than just music. How many people know that she loves to travel? Is a early morning person? Loves Starbucks coffee? Complimenting people and making there lives feel better? Not many, ChellyTheMC is a emcee of the people. She is also a advocate of her hometown, Washington D.C., her intuitive nature and urban style is greatly influenced by it. "D.C., is such a amazing place. My city is beautiful. Hopefully, one day I can share it with the world," Chelly told me with great enthusiasm.

ChellyTheMC, is a overall hidden gem, just not music. Everything she does, seems to be amazing and it comes so natural. When the world discovers her, it's a wrap. Watch her be a star worldwide one day. "Life to me is beautiful. I have so many sides to me that I want to show the world one day! The world is my canvas and I'm a painter," she exuberantly told me. ​

She is confident in who she is as a artist and wants to show the whole world her wonderful spirit. "I feel like this world is too big for me just to stay in the DMV, performing and exploring the world is a top priority for me," she said. In due time, watch out for ChellyTheMC to take over the globe, like she has the DMV. For now, she is growing everyday, to get a taste of Chelly, check out her latest video for "Shotta Flow Remix" and follow her on Instagram here.

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