Who Is NiickTheKiid From South Florida?

NiickTheKiid is a Broward County South Florida native, who like most children was diagnosed with ADD as a kid. For those who don't know what ADD is it stands for Attention Deficit Disorder and it caused Niick trouble focusing in his classes. Growing up he's always had an ear for music, but struggling pushed him to join the united states air force in 2014. When he had enlisted, he was only doing music for a year, but continued to work on his craft throughout his time spent in the air force. Self taught he learned everything he knows about mixing, mastering and recording from youtube university, mentioning the fact he's failed more times than he can remember. In 2018 Niick embraced the fact that he struggles with ADD thus creating his stage name "NiickTheKiid".

Just a little over a year ago Niick released a 3 song project entitled "Undeniably Imperfect," the project served as a short ep with relatable content and peaks into the soul and essence of who he is. Niick's music is described as chill, extremely melodic and meant to be played during late night drives. His single "Felony" has now came loaded with visuals which he stopped to drop off here at the basement. The video was just featured on "No Jumper" as well. You can stream his single on our latest playlist "Trapp'n Out Da Basement."

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