Lakeyah Danaee Is Only 18 But Her Skills Exceed Her Age

Lakeyah Danaee is a hidden gem from Milwaukee Wisconsin, who's been able to build herself quite an audience at a young age. The high school rap star has an impressive amount of following, equaling out to roughly 230,000 followers on just instagram alone, but that's only the tip of the iceberg for this talented emcee. Lakeyah caught our eyes recently when she went viral for "JT's FirstDayOut Challenge." The video ended up getting recognition from QCP which happens to be one half of Quality Controls Label owners. In the instagram clip you can hear her hunger for music and the audience was met with a lot of unexpected bars from the young rapper. Social media went crazy, but there were a few who accused Lakeyah of stealing music from another artist. However she didn't let that stop her as she released a follow up to the challenge, with a whole new verse to prove her talent. Lakeyah has already been able to garner the attention from one of the biggest labels in the game to date, what do you think is next for her? She might just be one of the next artist QC signs.

Check her out below:

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