RockBlockBam Crashes Neiman Marcus

Rockblockbam continues to to build up his reputation in music and he shouldn't be taken lightly. Aside from putting out consecutive tracks and quality music, the rapper may just be a marketing genius. Rockblockbam recently teamed up with his favorite store Neiman and Marcus, to do a show promoting his new single "Mission Accomplished".

When talking to Rock about pairing with the major clothing distributor, he explained having his show at Neiman's was a major stepping stone for him. His new song "Mission Accomplished" is the perfect vibe for anyday you wake up and you feel like getting to the money.

The song has already began to go viral with Rock's followers sending in video's of them jamming out to the new single. In the track you can hear Rockblockbam rap over the beat "10 Racks for the walk in big stacks full of hundreds, baby you can get whatever you want and it's nothing". The song is very melodic and shows Rock's versatility when it comes to music.

Check out his new single "Mission Accomplished" here:

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