Hidden Gems: New Jersey's Catapult Chase Fetti

The Garden State artist, who goes by the emcee moniker Chase Fetti, continues his rise towards music stardom. Known for his raw word play and bars, Chase deliverers raw and authentic music which captures ears of fans worldwide. The throne is for the taking in New Jersey, watch as Chase Fetti continues his campaign to claim the chair. Be on the lookout for more from the young artist as he looks to close out the year strong. For now, check out our quick Q/A below about various subjects going on in the artist young career.

Where do you see music taking you in the next two years?

Into ownership, I think it empowers people to unlock news levels of themselves and that's what I want to do. There is another level of Chase Fetti for everybody to see. Who knows? Maybe in a couple of years I'll be on a level similar to Jay Z. Do you plan on performing in SXSW this upcoming year?

Of course, it's one of the biggest music stages you can perform on. Not only perform but be remembered and catapult my legacy. One example of somebody who did that was Dababy and look where his career is at. Top 3 records from you, Chase Fetti?

Thanksgiving, F*ck you, and Down Bad are defiantly three records I love and loved to record. They just brighten mood mood up daily. However, I love all of my music so please check out everything! Talk about In-between and how that came together?

It was long overdue, me and Crush want a song where we united New Jersey but gang culture. Showing not only positivism in our actions but the ability to unite for a better casue in peace., We combined combine forces and cultivate our two different life styles to create this single. The track portrays they up bringing of New Jersey artists from various hoods, gangs and cities coming together to make a larger scene in their home state.

Explain the relationship with Cruch Calhoun and how you have the ability to come together on a record and for New Jersey?

I met Cruch when I was fifteen, in Roselle. I met a girl that played ball in his neighborhood so I would always be out there. After that, we started bonding and history was made! Name 3 other rappers out of New Jersey that you think could keep up with you on a record?

Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan, I'm joking. Honestly, who knows? Maybe, somewhere in Jersey somebody can but to my knowledge, no. We’ve got two different records from you in the past month or so from Brazy to In between, explain the change and versatility if you can?

Brazy was honestly, some sh*t I did and never thought much of. People said drop it so I dropped it and it got great feedback. I'll note that single down for future reference in track versatility. In Between is more me, my style encapsulated on a track and I love it.

Is Chase Fetti a lyrical rapper?

Lyrics will always matter, however, I just like to talk my sh*t; and if it sounds good then it's okay with me. Some of my songs show my prowess while other are just pure vibes.

Any hints on the next release?

I might have to switch the style up and drop a video for my women fans to vibe to. You can't ever ignore the ladies, they support me too much.

Your music is gaining momentum and getting noticed, is that you focusing on consistency and music more?

I'm totally locked into the craft! Just wait, I got so much more music in store. The rest 2019 and 2020, I'll force feed the world with the sound of Chase Fetti

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