NoRace NoGender: Patriots of Humanity

NoRace NoGender or NRNG is more than just your typical fashion brand or run-of-the-mill boutique. It's a movement, a vibe, a feeling, a lifestyle, an answer to the injustices of our societal norms. Each handcrafted garment represents the views of those that identify with the fact we are all 99.9% the same. Sure we have different skin tones and sexes and religions that separate us into imperfect boxes, but at the end of the day we all are the same.

One of the primary theories behind the movement is once we stop procrastinating and exhale oppression we can achieve that common place of peace. NRNG is more than clothing. It's an shield of honor for patriots of humanity. The bold fonts and colors, the quality of the fabric and the messages embodied in each detailed piece highlight the individuality of the person wearing it.

NoRace NoGender is a unisex brand that caters to everyone regardless of race, religion, gender identity. Believing in the message is the key. A message of peace, not war. A message of humanity and equality. This movement defines what it's like to be progressive in such a time of uncertainty.

Make sure you visit the NRNG headquarters at , they also have protective mask

available for purchase to add an extra step of safety in the fight against Covid-19 Wearing this face mask, you could be protected from dust, small particles, air pollen and much more. Anti-dust, anti-odor, washable and reusable. One size fits most. With stretchy ear loops for closely fit, preventing leaving trace on your face after taking off, easy to wear and take off. Face mask windproof mouth is perfect for daily wear to protect you from droplets, smog, dust, ash and so on.

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Creative Director: Bernard Love

Photographer: Dash McIntosh

Cinematographer: Casey O'Kelly

Editor: Leel Wan

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