Upcoming Philadelphia Artist Cash Wheeler Releases Visual For "On My Own"

Philadelphia-bred upcoming artist Cash Wheeler recently released a new music visual to his song "On My Own," a self-tribute to hustling and making ends meet at all costs. Primarily taking place in a auto-repair shop, the visual shows Cash taking a quick break at work, daydreaming off into the lyrics of the song. Cash gets ridiculed by management for zoning out, and the visual eventually transitions into a glow-up moment, capturing Cash quitting his job and walking out of the auto-repair shop.

Directed by renowned Philadelphia videographer Marlissa Monay, the new visual convincingly sends a message about following a dream, regardless of what it takes. On My Own is a single on an album that Cash is dropping come June 2020, called "Roses." Once released, Roses will be available to stream on all platforms. To stream the On My Own visual, watch below:

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