OneSwayze Releases New EP "FASTLANE"

Following the release of his EP “South Central”, Atlanta-based rapper One Swayze has returned with another anticipated project titled “Fastlane”. Produced by Beat Monkey, "Fastlane" is a 5-track project themed around One Swayze’s oppositions that he faced during his journey in the music industry. One Swayze commands attention by delivering top-tier lyricism, crafting captivating stories and showing the ability to rhyme over virtually any type of instrumental.

“This EP represents my growth and being challenged with so many obstacles during my journey as an artist. Fastlane represents reaching the completion stage of a goal that I’ve been grinding my whole life to achieve. This album is the definition of perseverance; you may hit a roadblock but you still find yourself treading through the fast lane with confidence. Those who never give up and withstand the journey the longest always win the race in the end”, says One Swayze.

One Swayze is a refreshing boost of energy to rap culture with his cinematic sound, autobiographical lyricism, and engaging narratives. This project dives deeper into the life and thoughts of One Swayze as he continues to grow in his professional and personal life. This album will allow his fans to explore One Swayze’s transgressions and his growth. One Swayze continues to tell his story through music and there is no doubt that there is still more to come from the lyrical rapper.

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