Chicago-based artist ABHI D. Releases New Single "Bali" Ft. Supa BWE

Chicago-based Indian hip-hop artist ABHI D releases “BALI” ft. Supa BWE, the first single off of his upcoming debut album “Times Up.” ABHI serenades the hard-hitting, upbeat instrumental with his melodic lyrics, with Indian musical accents embedded in the production.

The second verse is smoothly followed up by Chicago artist Supa BWE, who enters the track with a melodic verse as well. Supa may sound familiar from his viral collaboration with Chance The Rapper. Abhi D is surely on his way to collaborating his artistry with other artists and strengthening his catalog of music.

Similar to that of the Brown Boy movement led by Indian artist NAV, even though his music is in a different lane, by way of his natural talent, ABHI is going to be another one of very few Indian rappers to contribute to American hip-hop music.

To stream “BALI” FT. Supa BWE click below:

BALI -- ABHI D ft. Supa BWE

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