Bossman Mikeski Drops New Single, “Good Girls Goin Bad”

Independent artist, Bossman Mikeski, is on the quest to blow up big in Los Angeles. This Atlanta native has a unique name that he created from multiple parts of his life. The streets called him, “Mike Mike,” his close friend called him, “Ski,” and the community called him, “boss,” for all of his charity work such as clothing and food drives, thus, BossMan Mikeski was born! This trap/pop artist writes his own music and looks up to legendary artists such as Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z.

Music is more than just a paycheck for Bossman Mikeski. Since he was a toddler, his mother used to have him perform in front of her friends, but he truly became passionate about music in 2008 when he recorded his first record. He has gone through many hardships including losing his mother at the age of 12, losing best friends, and becoming homeless at a young age. Bossman Mikeski turned to music to be able t