Shoreline Mafia Management Partners With Group DJ For 'Keys to the LAnd' Brand Playlist

Back in November of 2017, burgeoning Los Angeles rap group Shoreline Mafia had officially began their swift take over of the mainstream airwaves in LA with the release of their debut project ShorelineDoThatShit. A little less than a year later in May of 2018, the group re-released the project, but this time as signee's of Atlantic Records by way of The Machine Works — the creative management agency-turned-label, R Baron Group, that first discovered Shoreline.

But just as any great musical acts before them, multiple pieces had to fall into place before Shoreline Mafia could exist on the worldwide stage it currently occupies — and many more will fall in line long after they are gone. That is precisely why TK Kimbro, CEO and Co-Founder of R Baron Group/The Machine Works has partnered with official Shoreline Mafia DJ Cypress Moreno for their West Coast centric Keys to the LAnd brand. Launching with a flagship playlist, the stand alone brand partnership, Keys to the LAnd, aims to serve as the barometer in the atmosphere of Los Angeles rap culture and plans to release several projects including a mixtape, in the near future. Together, the dynamic duo plan to inject the brand with the same DNA that keeps R Baron Group/The Machine Works thriving, with the intentions of organic growth from a business and cultural perspective.

"This took years in the making but it's here," TK wrote in an Instagram post announcing the brand on Thursday (May 20).

"Two of the best ears, eyes, and minds together for a new brand!!! Keys to the LAnd @cypressmoreno x @rbarongroup_themachineworks we drop our @applemusic playlist today and next month our two pack and first video then official mixtape drops in August all original music from the biggest names in the LAnd!! If you trying to get that shine tap in and if not just salute the movement!!"

HipHopBasement caught up with TK and Cypress via E-mail to get some the low-down on how the pair came together for the project and to learn more about what to expect from the Keys to the LAnd brand now that they have mobilized.

HipHopBasement: Can we start with a little bit of background history on how you, TK Kimbro of R Baron Group — creative management agency behind Shoreline Mafia, Mac P Dawg, AZ Chike 1TakeJay & more — first linked with Cypress Moreno?

TK Kimbro: I met Cypress in 2013 and we locked in 2014. I was managing an artist and Cypress was the young gunna around the LAnd DJing and politicking so I reached out to him and we stared building.

Cypress Moreno: I linked with TK (about five or six years ago) while I was doing radio for Young California. He was managing Raven Sorvino at the time.

HipHopBasement: How did you two develop the idea for 'Keys to the LAnd' brand? How long have you been working on the idea and how did you two collaborate?

TK Kimbro: I’ve been trying to get something with me and Cypress together for about five years. He was gonna be the face of me and Picaso's label Young Nigga Records in 2015 but it never popped with the distribution company. Two years later when I got Shoreline Mafia and it was only right I got Cypress to be their DJ. As we’re traveled the world over the last two-and-a-half years we were always building on finding the right thing and this was the result, Keys to the LAnd.

HipHopBasement: Cypress, what edge does TK bring to this venture that both helps to sharpen your skills and propel this project successfully forward?

Cypress Moreno: TK is a marketing strategist whose work speaks for itself i.e (Shoreline, The Machine Works, etc).

HipHopBasement: TK, what expertise and added value does Cypress provide that makes this venture so special to you?

TK Kimbro: Cypress is a renaissance Hip Hop DJ, producer, curator — he does all those and some more shit! He brings all that to the table plus the LAnd. No one is more in tune than him and us together is everything in Southern California!!

HipHopBasement: Can you share some of the upcoming plays the brand has lined up upon its launch?

Cypress Moreno: Two playlist drops and some singles along with the mixtape.

TK Kimbro: We are also doing a two song pack, a merch drop and at least three videos.

HipHopBasement: Can each of you describe the inspiration and input you had on the 'Keys to the LAnd' brand playlists, from your own perspective?

Cypress Moreno: I curated the playlist based on what both me and TK have our hands on in the city. The inspiration comes from us both being apart of the new Los Angeles Hip Hop culture in present day.

HipHopBasement: Can you share some details about the upcoming mixtape? What producers, artists, and labels are you working with on this project?

Cypress Moreno: Records are still TBD but you can expect Shoreline Mafia, 1TakeJay, AzChike, Rucci, Bandgang Lonnie & more.

TK Kimbro: Cypress is producing and co-producing. And of course you gonna see a whole lotta R Baron.

HipHopBasement: Can you share your plans for the future of the 'Keys to the LAnd' brand?

TK Kimbro: I’m marketing and branding. Cypress curated the playlist entirely on the first one. I’m really looking forward to the second playlist and getting the mixtape together. We are preparing content pieces, concerts, and whatever me and my good peoples Cypress can think for the culture of the LAnd and to make sure we get some big chicken off of it. Shout out to all my R Baron family and all our peoples in the LAnd!!

Stream the full Keys to the LAnd playlist featuring Shoreline Mafia, Wallie the Sendei, Kalan.FrFr, Rucci, 1TakeJay and Bino Rideaux, to name a few.