Antonius Drops New Album “Bar None”

Antonius is an independent hip-hop artist who reps the Bay Area in California, but resembles the sounds of artists from Los Angeles. He brings the heat with anything from serenades to club bangers. Antonius always saw himself becoming a professional basketball athlete, but decided to pursue music seriously after someone was shocked that he was only making music with his friends, solely for fun.

Antonius is motivated by his son, and people who don’t necessarily support him. He wants his son to be able to say, “My dad did it. That’s MY dad.” He also gets fired up by people who do not congratulate him, repost his music, or leave him on read. He believes that nothing in life would be worth it if it was easy. His goal is to make music a full time career, and drop his 9-5 job. He plans to make his name a brand, and describes this vision as, “…like Drake. Anything he touches makes money. That’s the effect and outcome I want to have with my music career.”