Bobby Fishscale Releases “No 9 to 5” Visual

On Friday, June 12, Roc Nation’s new signee Bobby Fishscale released his official single “No 9 to 5” with a cinematic trap visual. Bobby Fishscale is no ordinary southern rapper, but a trendsetter who uses music as an outlet for him to express his struggles and pain.

The music video opens with a scorned lover clutching her cell phone furiously, calling Bobby Fishscale searching for his whereabouts. Bobby not only proved he is too busy for a love who may not understand or align with his financial lifestyle. She shouts “Bobby, you need to stop trappin’ and go get a 9 to 5 job”. Bobby Fishcale acclaims, “I got trap in my blood, got no time for no 9 to 5”. In his new music video for “No 9 to 5”, he cleanly displays the inner-workings of a non-traditional career while lyrically exploring the pros and cons of a trapper’s lifestyle.

Most southern emcees purposely have specific lingo, trends, and makes use of the nightlife. Fishscale is a lifestyle that embodies style, hustle and ambition to get to the bag by any means necessary. To stream “No 9 to 5” please watch below:

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