Who Is Upcoming Artist T Nelson?

T Nelson is an upcoming artist from Long Island New York, affiliated with Long Island rap group LIMG. T has been around since 2006, but took a hiatus from music in order to rebrand himself and revamp his sound. Beginning in August, T Nelson plans to release 1 single each week leading up to his EP, which is slated to release sometime in the fall. When it comes to his inspiration behind music some of his favorite artist are rappers like Juice World and Lil Uzi Vert. T Nelson makes music for people battling depression, mental health issues or people who have had troubled times, but look to music to break free of those societal stresses.

While "Too On" was dropped just a few weeks ago, T is already gearing up to release his next single "Sweat On My Chains" set to drop in July. T Nelson not only uses music as an outlet but it's what fuels his very existence. Music has been able to save T's life and has put him on a path of positivity and teachings. T Nelson hopes people can relate to him and his sound, while he's currently putting in the footwork to be the next biggest thing from Long Island NY. Just recently T has also contributed to the #BLM marches and has even got into the front field of protest, to fight oppression and supremacy. Stream his latest song "Too On" now on all streaming platforms and take a look at his preview for "Sweat On My Chains".

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