Peep The Profile: Trapp Glizzy

Is Trapp Glizzy on your radar? There has been an increased awareness and development of the Carolina music scene over the past three years. With a combination of creative coordination, skilled producers, talented artists, and undeniable energy, the Carolinas are making a statement in the music industry.

Trapp Glizzy has a distinctive flow and unique voice that makes one want to listen to his music. Trapp$tar Vibe$ -EP was released in 2019 with standout track entitled ‘Renni Rucci’ featuring Gwala. He is currently working on a new project called Broke2Benjis. To appease his fans until the new project drops, Trapp Glizzy released music video singles.

Lately he has been collaborating with SC’s production team Visionary Art Group for his videos. From ‘Boobie Miles’ produced by BeachBoy Rico, ‘Rich Trapp Junkies’, to ‘Broke 2 Benjis Intro’, one can notice the progress and rise to stardom Trapp Glizzy is on. Broke2Benjis is set to drop before the end of July or early in August.

Check out Boobie Miles (prod. by BeachBoy Rico) and Trapp Glizzy’s latest videos on YouTube.

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