California Starlett Kiana Zara Shines With "Nobody"

Sultry and sophisticated, a new single from the young California crooner Kiana Zara titled "Nobody," which blends the fine line of upbeat R&B and pop music effortlessly. The song is an illustration of Kiana's inner turmoil in discovering who she can trust, not only in relationships but in life overall.

"Nobody" puts listeners in a mood of a reminiscent walk on the beach or a long car drive, which invigorates the mind to explore the concepts of who to trust and why do you trust them. The supreme guitar riffs through the song add a deeper layer of mental sibilation, which makes the average mind wonder about her points even more.

A soft, mellow beat is accompanied by Zara's distinctly rich and deeper swooning voice. Imagine Sade Adu, Baby Rose, and Snoh Aaelgra's sound was put in a blender, and a dash of Katy Perry was added? That's what you get with every listens to "Nobody."

Stream Nobody here.

Miss Zara gives the average music fan a different type of appeal, which is rare considering that liberal art has seen some of the most diverse and tactful artists ever. The vibe she sets with every verse reminds people of Frank Ocean because while her sound is traditional to the pop arts, she has a bit of soul in it similar to R&B or neo-soul.

Perhaps Kiana Zara has her own genre, Zara & B pop! Well, regardless of the opinion of style for her, "Nobody" is meant to be heard and enjoyed by everybody. Pull out your favorite streaming platform and put "Nobody" in your daily mix, you won't regret it!

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