Meet Oowee Garcon, A Hidden Gem That's "Alienated" From Everybody Else

Maryland emcee Oowee Garcon taps into his wide array of music niches with a EP titled “Alienated.” The diverse track-list compromises of seven songs detailing different sides to Garcon’s creativity and personality.

Contrived of good morals and creative genius, Oowee is a different type of artist. His latest project reflects that. The Largo, Maryland resident and Nigerian musical embellisher Oowee Garcon exhibits raise poise for an ascending artist.

Influenced by fellow Maryland star emcees Q Da Fool and Yungmanny, Garcon loves to provide quality music in order to evoke emotions of happiness from his target audience. In 2020, he hopes to achieve a pipeline of success that will help build for the future.

Uncompromising in his gritty lyricism and uber serenity in song inclusions, Alienated presents the reality of the young Maryland rapper being separated from a majority of his peers for chasing his dreams as a full fledged music artist.

Stream his music here and follow his Instagram.

Viewed as a sleeper in the DMV and related to upcoming Maryland superstar Yungmanny, Oowee Garcon is ready to take on the industry. He had a couple of words regarding his music and navigating the current eerie times.

“2020 has been something else, it made me appreciate more of the simple things in life and to not take advantage of it,” he said. “Instead of saturating the market, I’m continuing to perfect and build my sound to create a buzz behind my brand.”

Being relatively new, Garcon has a level of maturity that far exceeds his young age and he hopes his audience can tap into him as a role model. His sound is accompanied by a smooth style and cunning mind.

Primed to continue to build his brand for 2020, Oowee Garcon takes you to another world with Alienated that you can stream on your favorite DSP.

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