Emerging Artist Countryboi Gretzky Is Next Up

With a mix of West Coast flavor and down South seasoning, comes Hip-Hop artist, Countryboi Gretzky. From Louisville, Countryboi Gretz

ky has found home in both Kentucky and Orange County, California, giving him what he likes to call, that “Dirty West” sound! He is currently signed to an independent label called 4F Label.

Countryboi Gretzky had been performing since 2006 on stages such as the House of Blues and The Hollywood Key Club, but he did not start taking it seriously until eye-opening events happened, such as dropping out of college to return to life in the streets, and having a son to care for. Music changed his life for the better. To him, music is a tool that unites people through struggles and motivation.

Countryboi Gretzky is truly building his fan base due to his unique style and lyrics that he writes himself. He has 69,357 monthly listeners just on Spotify alone! The album Countryboi Gretzky was recently released this year, including 10 songs and no features! The go-getter also released a single called, “Gretzky Back,” which has Orange County poppin’. This month, you can expect the artist to release his next single, “Let’s Go.”

The Orange County artist has some big plans for himself and the 4F Label once the pandemic is over. Countryboi Gretzky plans to release one new single every month and a visual to go along with them. A West Coast tour is also in the works, where the label will be touring across 16 cities! As far as future plans after music, Countryboi Gretzky would love to open a school to educate future generations.

Follow his music and journey on:

IG: Gretzky4f

Twitter: Gretzky4f

YouTube: CountryBoi Gretzky FaceBook: 4FBrand

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