Charlene Amour Is Doing More Than Music She Is Empowering Women

The beautiful and talented, Charlene Amour, is on a mission to bring love and vulnerability back in style. On he latest IG post she showed love to several women who she feels are strong independent women! Her name, Charlene Amour comes from being inspired by love. The R&B artist believes love is always the answer, and tries to live and breathe that proclamation every single day. Her sound is a breath of fresh air, and can be described as soft and gentle, but with a full range of dynamics. The Canadian artist writes all of her own lyrics, which includes heartfelt words that will touch your soul.

Charlene Amour draws her lyrical inspiration from hidden feelings. She explains, “I run away from my own feelings and sometimes a word will just trigger an emotion and then I’ll start freestyling a whole melody with words and I’ll be like.. ‘Damn, that’s how I really feel.’” Music is a form a communication for the artist. She describes the sense of feeling disconnected from the world, making music the way in which she is able to counteract feeling misunderstood and alone.

Charlene Amour has been a performer for as long as she can remember. Thanks to her mother believing in her artistic abilities and booking performances, Charlene was able to perform in malls, at festivals, and every local competition in Canada. She recalls hearing a Whitney Houston song playing in Walmart and telling her mother that she wanted to be like Whitney one day. Fast forward to 2018, Charlene Amour started to take music seriously and recorded her first record!

Although she considers herself an R&B artist, Charlene shares that listening to different genres other than R&B enhances her versatility when it comes to her sound. When she first started to actively pursue music, Charlene thought she would become a folk artist because of her strong ability to play the guitar. Currently, she looks up to artists such as Sabrina Claudio, Kiana Lede, and Jhene Aiko, whom Charlene has been compared to.

Charlene Amour has earned over 100,000 streams on her single, “Russian Doll,” but says she strives to break more personal records with the EP she recently released. The EP, “My Favourite Summer,” definitely displays her rawness and authenticity. You can listen to this 5-song EP on all streaming platforms!

The best is yet to come for Charlene Amour!

Stream her EP "My Favorite Summer" below

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TikTok: Charlenexamour

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