XION MCKNIGHT Releases Highly-Anticipated Single 'PEACE'

XION MCKNIGHT is an up and coming artist who definitely brings something new to the table.

As someone with the talent to rap and sing and crossover between R&B and hip hop, Xion puts out music that can relate to anyone. His sound is distinct and versatile -- which sets him apart from others in a major way. Not only is Xion ambitious to succeed, but he has plans to take his career to the next level and give back to the people that inspired him. He wants his music to inspire others and to help people realize that manifestation is real.

"I want to influence kids who are just like me," he said. "I want the message to be clear that no matter what you go through or who’s against you ... with the right heart you can always end up on top."

Xion said that his passion for music came naturally to him. When asked about what ultimately inspired him to dedicate himself to a music career, Xion responded that it was just in him to do so.

"I kind of didn’t decide anything," he said. "It more so just fitted into my lifestyle not to sound cliché but it was sort of like a calling."

In addition, he wants to spread a positive message through his music -- one that encourages others to pursue their dreams too.

"Don’t give up," Xion responded when asked what message he hopes others take away from his music. "Don’t listen to what nobody else talking about. Just focus on you and your vision and always remain positive."

As a fan of new R&B/hip hop music, Xion says he is influenced by artists such as The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Young Thug and Future. You can hear some of these inspirations in his debut EP OG MEEZY that dropped earlier this year. The latest EP was a work of art that showcased Xion's skills and what he's capable of as an independent artist. He's just getting started and wants to share his story with the world through music.

Now, Xion is continuing to stay relevant and make moves with the latest release of his song "PEACE." The new track is his latest effort and sets the tone for what audiences can expect moving forward.

Keep up with Xion on social media: Instagram: @xionmcknight and Twitter: @mikemcknight97.

Listen to his music below.

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