New Orleans Artist 9Bird 2k Drops New Music! "The Celebration" OUT NOW!

Up-and-coming artist, 9Bird 2k is a hip-hop/R&B artist that likes to keep his fans on their toes. The New Orleans Native is known for his unique and diverse sound that never stays the same. His willingness to evolve and be a multidimensional artist that puts out music for all age groups and demographics is what separates him from other artists/songwriters. His goal is to be a positive impact in the music community and to make timeless tracks that will be played nonstop!

9Bird 2k says music has always been his escape from reality. Growing up he recalls enjoying poetry and always loved the idea of being able to create and own something. 9Bird 2k describes poetry as being able to paint a picture with your own words.

The independent artist biggest passion is music and songwriting. In 2018, 9Bird 2k was dealing with a breakup when he released his first track.

“my first song came after a breakup at the time I was not a real expressive person” He revealed,

“so that song seemed to be the only way I could express myself while also tryna cover it up with the punchlines”

One of 9Bird 2k’s biggest influences when it comes to his sound is Juice WRLD. The independent artist says Juice WRLD was the reason he was able to write his first song. Being that Juice was one of the first artists that 9Bird 2k could relate to, he says his sound and his flow is heavily influenced by the late rapper.

9Bird 2k hopes to impact the world with his music! His goal is to become a staple in communities, especially his own. He wants his fans to know that he is hungry for success and wants to put out quality music. In fact, he is pushing to do an acoustic version of one of his albums so he can show his is vocal range as a singer.

Last week, 9Bird 2k released an EP titled “The Celebration” in honor of his birthday! The EP has 5 tracks and has the city going UP! The EP is available on all major music platforms!

Social Media:

IG: 9bird_2k

Facebook: Kirk Kelley

SnapChat: Kirk_Kelley

Twitter- phenomenal _78

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