Ghostwriter LA teases new music on the way!

European Artist Ghostwriter LA hopes to make music that leaves a positive impact. The RnB and Hip-Hop Songwriter/Producer was raised in Sweden but moved to the United States in 2003 as a foreign exchange student. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he lived in many cities before settling down in Los Angeles.

Most people know Ghostwriter LA from working on writing screenplays but he received his name after being a well-known ghostwriter! However, his passion for RnB and Hip-Hop music began when he was a teenager. In the 90’s he produced rap and hip-hop tracks that were featured on the radio in Sweden. The first track he ever produced was titled “Soul Lo” with his rap group ILLTRAKKERZ.

After a long break, Ghostwriter LA began producing music again in 2017. His sound is inspired by 1970s soul and 1990s rap and RnB. He explained, “I think I’ve developed a unique and eclectic sound that’s very melodious and often pretty dark.”

Last year, Ghostwriter LA considered leaving music behind following the release of his track “SICK”. He was feeling disillusioned and uninspired until one of his social media followers reached out to him to say he loved his music.

“I called him up and he proceeded to tell me that he had been locked up in a psychiatric clinic for four weeks, and when he had just come out, he heard my song, SICK.” The producer/songwriter revealed, “He said that hearing that track made him feel that he wasn’t so alone. And that it had saved his life.”

Ghostwriter LA’s goal to make a positive impact came true and it gave him the motivation to continue his journey. Since then he has been considered to join a well-known label as a songwriter!

“I’ve been approached by Justice from Love Renaissance to potentially be included in their Super Team for songwriting and production.” He explained, “That would be amazing since I’m a huge fan of 6lack and Summer Walker.”

This year he released his debut album titled “Beats” and his latest single “Hot Zone” featuring OT The Real & Nikki Barbados! Aside from releasing his own music, Ghostwriter LA is also producing an EP for hip-hop artist TR3YR. The EP will be released soon according to his Instagram! Together they already have countless singles including their latest hits “UP!” and “Just Like That”.

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