JR Nash Releases Debut Album "Beneath The Surface"

Up and Coming artist, JR Nash believes there is no right or wrong when it comes to music! He admires the freedom he has to express his thoughts and creativity through his lyrics. JR Nash typically uses his life experiences as the foundation for each of his songs. Whether its his own personal experience or someone else’s he tries to always build a connection between himself and his audience so that they feel as if they are going through the things that are being spoken about on the song.

JR Nash was known for being the “quiet kid” growing up. However, he began freestyling over beats and making music for fun when he was 13 years old. By the time he got to high school he was making music with some friends and they continued to make music together for two years.

He revealed, “because I was such a quiet kid, music was always an outlet for me to express myself. I would feel as if I can talk about things that I wouldn’t be able to talk about normally, which helped me get a lot off my chest when I was younger.

When it comes to making music, JR Nash knows how to deliver a track that has good lyrics on top of a good beat. The hip-hop artist describes his sound as well balanced. He personally enjoys when an artist isnt afraid to show their flaws, weaknesses, or fears. JR Nash admires when an artist can form a deep long-lasting connection with their listeners. He keeps that in mind whenever he’s in the process of making new music.

Ultimately his is goal is to guide people who are battling different problems in their life. Whether that be with relationships, personal insecurities, or money issues.

He explained, “I hope that by me being so open about personal battles that I go through in my music, it will help people feel more comfortable in their own skin so they can gain the confidence to express themselves when they’re battling certain things instead of bottling everything in.”

If there is one thing JR Nash wants his fans to know is that he is 100 percent genuine and serious about his craft! Last month he released his debut album titled, “Beneath the Surface” and it’s definitely worth the listen. The 14-track album is guaranteed to have you in your feelings!

Stream “Beneath the Surface” available on all major streaming platforms!

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