Compton Artist Matik 2T Teases New EP "Unleashed" is ON THE WAY!

Compton artist Matik 2T is ready to WIN! For as long as he could remember all he wanted to do was to make music. Beginning in the 6th grade, he was hooked after he was asked to rap on top of a beat his brother made. Music runs in his family, starting with his brother who is an engineer/producer and his grandfather who played the bass in his grandmother’s church. The independent artist always enjoyed signing/rapping so much it was only natural that he would become a musician.

He revealed, “When I was 11, I recorded my first song called my shoes. I passed my cd around my whole school and played it for my teachers it had a lil buzz.”

Growing up he recalls having lower self-esteem because of his weight. Deep inside he knew he had something special. However, because he was extremely introverted his skills went unnoticed. This is one of the reasons that motivates the independent artist to keep pushing hard in this game.

Matik 2T describes his sound as diverse! While he can sing to the ladies, he can also create hardcore rap songs. The independent artist found it a lot easier to develop his signature sound because he knows how to write and engineer his own music.

Previously, Matik 2T has opened for artists in venues that have over 3,000 in attendance. He has also performed at the Hemp Con Festival 2015/2016, LA Fashion Show, and was even invited to perform at SXSW this year. However, due to COVID some of the shows he had booked for the year were pushed back.

In the future Matik 2T plans to own his own business! Including his own record label “2T Entertainment” to which he would be the C.E.O. Ultimately his goal would be to make things happen for others. His plan would include an artist development program that will help build and mold up-and-coming artists!

New music is on the way! Matik 2T has announced he is working on his next project titled “Unleashed”! As of now there is no release date.

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