Get To know Independent Artist V.I. The Boss And Watch His New Visual "Rockin And Rolling"

V.I THE BOSS is from Chicago Illinois born and raised. His genre is rap/urban, but he writes all kind of music. His sound is a collective of fast and slow real rap mixed with trap mixed with a little harmony. V.I. is very versatile when it comes to his flow and he plays with different styles. Get to know V.I. The Boss below!

Do you write, produce, and engineer your own music?

Yes, all of the above I write R&B/Rap and produce pop/R&B/rap pretty much if it has something to do with music I do it I own a recording studio for my personal use so I’m always messing around in the lab

Do you have any other special talents such as acting?

Yes, I act I as well just finished writing my third movie and I will be shooting my first movie starting in October written and directed by me

When did you start doing music?

I started young my grandmother was a foster parent so I was able to stay with her a while and I would go upstairs to my aunties house and watch videos all day so one day I just started putting words together that rhymed and started spiting it to my friends and they thought it was good so I just ran with it I was around 10 years old I didn’t get serious until around 2005 when I was picked to be on a tv show called half and half I was the top five I got a chance to be on national television work with jimmy jam and terry Lewis mc lyte and others but I really didn’t take it as seriously as I should of then because I was still on the run I actually thought the show was trying to set me up at one point but that was my paranoia kicking in I had fun though it showed me then that I could really do something in music

What inspires your music?

My experiences inspire my music and the people around me inspire my music

Who is your biggest motivation?

My mom is my motivation just seeing all of her kids taken away from her (6 kids) watching her struggle with an addiction and bouncing back is motivational to me also my father too god rest his soul

What are your goals when it comes to your music?

My goals are to touch as many souls as possible and give the less fortunate hope

What are you most known for?

Half and half tv show at that time no one I knew had ever been on tv so everybody who knew me thought it was so big like I made it and I was a hood celebrity from that point but I still don’t believe I have reached my pinnacle in life and I am still on that journey now like nip say the marathon continues.

Have you performed and or participated in any talent shows?

I have opened up for twista, bone thugs and harmony, tech 9, Paul wall, young jeezy, Travis porter, fabulous, meek mill, as I stated previously I was on 5 episodes of half and half as one the artist they were trying to sign and I have done a lot of talent shows all of from New York to California

Peep his latest video "Rockin and Rollin" below

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