YungGwop Officially Releases 'Without You' Music Video

YungGwop is back with another music video! This time, the LA-based rapper shares the music video his new song "Without You." The visual was shot in New York City and is the lead song that was released ahead of his upcoming album called Thoughts Left Unexpressed.

Watch the video for "Without You" below.

YungGwop is no newcomer to the music industry. He's worked as a sound engineer prior to pursuing his career as an independent musician, but he’s now committed to dedicating himself to his passions and is fully dedicated to a music career.

When asked about how he would you describe his sound to readers who may not be familiar with him, Gwop answered, "Honestly, I just be myself. I don’t try to talk about sh-t I’ve never done and I talk about experiences I’ve had so I guess I can describe my sound as R&B hooks and cadences with hip hop elements."

Prior to the release of "Without You," the talented rapper dropped a 20-track project called Phases, where he discusses some of the life phases that he went through and has experienced. With its upbeat vibes and consistent delivery throughout, ‘Phases’ is a strong addition to YungGwop’s discography to date. His previous release Something to Prove continues to be a testament to his talents and showcases his ability as an individual who delivers a promising flow.

"Without You" shows off YungGwop's abilities in a new way, and truly displays his talents as an R&B/hip-hop artist as well.

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