Pottstown, Pennsylvania Artist FSG Rell Is Here To Prove That No Matter What Your Dreams Are You Can

FSG Rell hopes to show all the small-town youngsters that you don’t have to be from a major market to make it! From a young age FSG Rell knew he wanted to become a musician. It all started when he got his hands on an iPod Touch and taught himself how to freestyle over beats from YouTube. Soon after began freestyling at his high school football games in front of crowds and it was then where he began taking the steps to build his music career.

“I was about 19 when I started to take it seriously as in alright, I’m going to start to invest in myself.” He explained, “I would pay for studio time and beats even in high school but that’s not investing too much. That’s a start but investing to me was when I turned 19 and started taking the money I was making to put into my career such as press runs, features, promo etc.”

FSG Rell recorded his first studio single when he was 17 years old. The track titled, “Checklist” has over 105,000 streams on SoundCloud! FSG Rell was inspired to write a track based on the women he was dating at the time. The independent artist revealed that not only does music bring him joy but also its a way for him to express himself.

In 2017 FSG Rell recalls having a moment that changed his life in a better direction. After 5 nights of back to back shootouts in his hometown he gathered a group of friends and together they decided to change their mindsets. The Pottstown Artist started a clothing brand with his friends, and he began hustling to make more music. Slowly but surely himself and his friends worked their way out of the streets and found ways to come up in the world.

He added, “This time was very pivotal to my music career because if I hadn’t of had that I don’t know if I ever would have fully committed myself to music”

The independent artist writes and performs all his music. However, after spending some time producing, FSG Rell found that we didn’t enjoy engineering as much as he did in the beginning of his career. The up-and-coming hip-hop artist has a versatile sound from turn up music to soulful and romantic. From time to time he likes to experiment with other genres such as R&B and pop. When it comes to his sound, he looks to some of his favorite local artists for inspiration.

He explained, “First and foremost my hometown heroes D1Donn and TakeRisk Mugga inspires my sound forever. A lot of techniques/vibes I learned directly from them. They both are my big bro’s, it starts with them. They showed me locally that it was even possible to get in the studio and record. Then they were both extremely good at it in their own respective ways, they have two different styles but we’re both equally important to my upbringing in music.”

The Pottstown Artist is also a community leader! His mixtape “HighSchool Debut” was collaborative album that featured different local artist on each of its tracks. This album was essential to his hometown because it gave the message of giving back to your roots and showing others that they should work with people within the community. His single “Gucci Prada Fendi” featuring Troy Wonder was one of the tracks that blew up off his mixtape. The single now has over 230,000 streams!

The independent artist number one goal is to be the best hip-hop artist EVER! FSG Rell says within his dream of becoming the best, he understands that he first must set himself up for success before achieving his goals.

“Some of my goals for right now is to be honest with myself about where I’m at.” He revealed, “In my city I’m big but if I’m honest with myself I need to do better. I can’t get complacent with where I’m at. As long as I set that goal for myself to work hard every day than I’m already 65 percent of the way there.”

Recently the independent artist dropped his latest album titled, “More Than A Rapper” and he revealed he is already working on releasing TWO more albums! Yes, you heard that right! FSG Rell said that he is currently working on two albums that he hopes to finish before the end of the year!

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