Jeda Voice Debut Album "Pw8 II" is OUT NOW!

Born and raised in the Inland Empire, Jeda Voice is an up and coming R&B artist that has been through it all. His journey began in high school at 14 years old when he recorded his first track and fell in love. By the time he was 19 Jeda Voice decided to hold auditions all over the IE recruiting girls to form an all-girls group. The up and coming artist chose a group of girls with the best vocals to perform the music that he had written. This was just the beginning of what turned out to be the start and evolution of Jeda Voice.

Growing up his family was always big on going to church. Jeda Voice spent most of his time singing in the youth mass choir which led up to him performing with Kirk Franklin at a gospel festival. Jeda Voice first discovered his skill for writing when he wrote his first poem in elementary school. His mom was blown away and could not believe how incredible his work was especially at his young age. Music has been in his life for as long as he can remember. In fact, he believes that it was always meant to be his destiny.

He explained, “I think Music chose me, or maybe we chose each other, trust me I’ve tried to get a divorce from her many times but there’s just a soul tie that can never be broken, this was always a way that I could express myself freely and Having the ability to write music and making it actually sound good, versus me venting without melody.”

However, Jeda Voice like many other artists has had many ups and downs in his career to get to where he’s at now. Beginning with the people closest to him telling him that he wouldn’t make it in this industry.

“The worst thing I could have ever done was to believe in what they say” He revealed, “A lot of my relationships lead to heartbreak, signing the wrong deals and setbacks. Managers, people taking money after shows, people slamming doors in my face, false opportunities, I felt a lot of bad energy, I didn’t like how people made me feel.”

Through all the pain Jeda Voice found love within himself. Eventually he was able to move forward and get out of some dark times.

The up-and-coming artist reveals that he learned a lot from songwriter/producer The-Dream. According to Jeda, when The-Dream came into the game he revolutionized the next wave of R&B and he made it okay to say certain things that you wouldn’t normally hear on a R&B Record. The Inland Empire Native believes the best way to do it is to always study the greats!

Jeda Voice has an edgy R&B sound that has been compared to The-Dream, Chris Brown, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and The Weeknd. In the future he hopes to win Grammy’s and be able to contribute to the culture.

Recently Jeda Voice released his debut album titled “Pw8 II”! The 20 Track album is some of his best work! The year isn’t over for Jeda Voice he reveals he still has records ready to go and he will begin working on “PW8 III” “P3” SOON!

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