Benzo Fresh Is Ready To Bring Back Real Music!

Born and Raised in Water Valley, Mississippi, Benzo Fresh is on the road to having a long-lasting career. In 2018 Benzo Fresh relocated to Atlanta Georgia to invest in himself and his music career. His dream of being a hip-hop/trap artist began on a whim but now more than ever Benzo Fresh is ready to impress fans with his unique style of music.

The independent artist has overcome plenty of obstacles in his lifetime which is why he is determined to share his story with the world. He revealed, “I only express myself through music so when you hear my music you can hear how real my lyrics are, I put my blood, sweat and tears into them ; ain’t no cap in my rap. Once you hear me out, you’ll see how bad I want this.”

Things took a turn for the Atlanta artist when a former employee of his introduced him to Grammy Award winning producer, Zaytoven.

“I owned a trucking company in the past and the first person I hired heard my music and linked me with Zaytoven and that was it.” He explained, “That’s the moment I took music seriously because I felt like I was destined for this.”

Since meeting the producer, Benzo Fresh was featured on a track titled “Dopeboy Fresh” on Zaytoven’s latest album “Pack Just Landed Vol 1.” Together they have also toured all over Atlanta performing at colleges and other public events.

This year Benzo Fresh released an album titled, “Neighborhood Dopeman” and if you thought that album was fire wait till you see what he has on the way. His second album is expected to drop next month! However, the name and expected drop date have yet to be revealed.

Benzo Fresh is just getting started! The Atlanta artist strives for his music to live through the ears of generations to come. If you really want to get to know what Benzo Fresh is about, he says “follow my music to complete my story!”

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