Spacey Cain To Release His First Mix-Tape Before The End Of The Year.

Spacey Cain is here to prove that he is the next artist on the rise! It was just last year when the up and coming artist decided to finally make the move to begin his music journey. However, since he was 6 years old Spacey Cain already knew that becoming a musician would be his destiny. In the last year he has released two singles “Waste Time” and “HUMBLE”, both tracks have been extremely successful. Spacey Cain has been putting in work and has a new mixtape on the way!

The independent artist writes music that is inspired by his own life. Spacey Cain focuses on writing lyrics that are relatable so he can build a strong connection between himself and his fans. In fact, his name Spacey Cain came from not being able to be figured out as a person. With music he found his way to truly express himself.

“music is my voice for the people that has a sad story but can’t express it” He explained, “I’m only going to speak about things I’ve lived through. Also I’m going to speak up about things that actually matter in this world not just money cars and clothes.”

Spacey Cain is motivated by the people who doubt him. After all that he has been though nothing can get him down! Not even his haters!

He added, “my struggle is what really keep me going because it just give me more reasons to keep goin harder and harder and figure out more ways to get to where I really want to be at in life.”

Ultimately his goal would be to receive a Grammy and have one of his albums go at least 2x Platinum! Without a doubt the independent artist is on the way to achieving his dreams. Next month Spacey Cain plans to drop his first Mixtape “Spacey Cain Astronomical”. Spacey Cain promises that it will be one of the biggest mixtapes set to drop this year!

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