Touchdown Juice Dropping Heat All Year Long. Get To Know The Break Out Artist!

Touchdown Juice is ready to make his mark in the music industry! The hip-hop artist has a unique sound inspired by the regions of the country he has lived in. Born and Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Touchdown Juice grew up playing football and even had the opportunity to be a D1 Athlete at Florida Atlantic University. At the age of 22 he relocated to Los Angeles, California to network and to get established in the industry.

In 2012, The independent artist recorded his first track but after playing it back he decided to put music on the back burner. However, he has always had a love and passion for music. He quickly discovered after a year of trying to network with different artists in Los Angeles that he could create better music by doing his own thing. Eventually leading him to the start of his career.

Touchdown Juice has previously been compared to Money Man, Curren$y, and Wiz Khalifa. His music is mostly inspired by the 3 W’s. Women, Weed, and Weather. He explained, “When you smoke good, have good company and good weather its hard to be in a bad mood. Unless one of those three happens to be a bad experience then the darker songs get created from that type of vibe. It’s all about energy and your state of mind when it’s time to create.”

Ultimately his goal is to make dope music that people from every walk of life and relate to. Touchdown Juice wants to create “mood changers” to bring joy to those in a negative mood.

He added, “I want to inspire the hustlers everywhere, the ones who understand that if you proceed to progress you will be successful in whatever you put your mind to. Although life presents its challenges, I believe that God never puts more on our plate than we can handle.”

Since releasing music at the beginning of the year Touchdown Juice has received over 200k streams combined from 9 of his singles! His latest single, “Havin Plenty” featured and produced by Skywalker OG had the city on fire!

Touchdown Juice has a lot in store for the future. Currently he has completed 2 EP’s and 1 Album but is waiting for the right time for them to be released. As of right now he is working on creating more visual content and building a larger fan base.

Tap in! Stream “Havin Plenty” By Touchdown Juice. Available on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: @Touchdownjuice

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