Get Lost With UFO! The Independent Artist Has New Music On The Way.

UFO loves that music can connect and bring people together. Formally known as KosmoStayUP, the independent artist is known for his hood pop/trap music that isn’t your typical hip-hop sound. Born in Chicago but Raised in Houston, UFO’s biggest challenge yet was his move to the West Coast. Now UFO lives in Los Angeles and is ready to make waves in the music industry. Get to know more about UFO below!

What inspired your artist name? And where did you get the name from​?

-It came to me after I started doing music solo. Was doing music under the name KosmoStayUP Always been space based and I looked up to the stars a lot, Always knew we weren’t the only ones out there.

When did you decide to start doing music full time?

-During college, the calling and voice in my head grew til I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else. I hear sounds, melodies, voice in my head constantly. It’s crazy at times but its art in the purest form

What has been your biggest challenge so far since deciding to pursue music?

-Biggest challenges has been moving and getting to LA and creating a sort of foundation to be able to pursue music full time

Do you write, produce, and engineer your own music? If you don’t, who do you collaborate with?

-Write and make own music collab with handpicked producers

How any singles, Eps, or Albums have you released? Which one is your favorite? Why?

-2 singles working on releasing a third. I think the third release is just because it's my 3rd work and the song means a lot to me.

Have you ever experienced writer's block? How do you get your creative process going?

-Not often it usually occurs if i’m wrapped up in melodies but for the most part it all

flows. Everything's about timing

If you could collab with one person in the industry who would it be and why?

-A lot of ppl I would have love to collab with are no longer with in in this realm but there’s some female artist like Doja Cat, Lana Del Rey. Few rappers probably more but depends on the song concept etc.

Any major accomplishments relating to your career—Getting a certain amount of streams, Booking shows, etc..

-130k streams and counting on first single, whole vault of music recorded

What is one goal you hope to achieve in the next year? How or what will you do to achieve it?

-Get more content out and generate legit strains to lock in a loyal fanbase. After the

music will spread like wildfire. Just need proper exposure

Do you have any mentors, teachers, or people you look up to?

-The OGs gave game for me to interpret, adapt and evolve

If you can pick any show or venue to headline which it be and why?

-Lollapalooza or ACL, SXSW. These offer mixed genres of music and demographics of people. Feel my music would pop at a more open and unique setting

Word of advice to your younger self?

-Be more consistent, invest more sooner, take calculated risk that will pivot your next move. Never stop believing and lastly…Don’t fly too close to the Sun...

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