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Although the title of his latest single ‘Far From Legend’ may suggest otherwise, with one listen to any of his released music, Rodd.D can easily be described as a true lyricist and be deemed a legend in the making. Rodd.D is known to set the mic ablaze with his wordplay and to have one of the most untouchable flows in South Carolina and Hip Hop in general. Two projects and a handful of singles have been gifted to music lovers by Rodd.D so far this year. One of the projects named Corner Of My Room was released late January, with standout single ‘Party In The Nosebleeds’. The Corner Of My Room EP features classic production from Money Montage, Beats By Con, MasterClass, Tree Lo, and Yondo Beats. Following up in the spring, Rodd.D releases a more uptempo song entitled ‘Too Deep In’ produced by GrovesideVohnJovie. I do not think fans were expecting Rodd.D to take on a style as such and to also release a mini project named Lost In Random Woods. The project hosts 'Too Deep In' and two additional singles produced exclusively by GrovesideVohnJovie. The narrator throughout the project challenges Rodd.D to question any and all things but to also focus on time. This not only causes Rodd.D to reflect on the times and state of society but also the fellow listener. Dropping cover art and singles back to back to set off the summer and fall, it appears that Rodd.D is in his creative bag for the rest of the year. Check out his latest singles 'Float' and 'Far From Legend' produced by Slim Ghetto.

Rodd.D - fLOat

Rodd.D - Far From Legend

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